National 3 Peaks Challenge in 30 hours

National 3 Peaks Challenge in 30 hours

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This is the self funding 3 Peaks Challenge in 30 hours.  We aim to complete this challenge in 30 hours with a 'peak to peak' time of 24 hours.  This means we will climb to the summit of Ben Nevis before starting the clock and aiming to finish on top of Mt Snowdon in 24 hours.  This is the event that almost all other companies offer as a 24 hour event.  If you wish to complete this challenge in an official 'car park to car park' time of 24 hours, please book our 24 hour event.  We are the only company to consistently complete this challenge in our stated times.  No one else comes close.  

You can book for a group or to join an open bus and complete your challenge with other like minded people.  Please contact us if you wish to book a private group event. The Open Bus policy allows us to keep costs to a minimum. 

Cost includes mountain guides to lead you on each mountain, transport between the mountains and medal.

Excludes food and drink, and transport to Scotland. Local transfers to Bangor are provided following the challenge.

Total cost is £195.00 with a deposit of only £48.75. Deposit is 25% of total cost which may be more if you select one of our additional travel options.

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